What Will the Healthcare Industry Look Like After COVID-19?

The coronavirus has affected nearly every aspect of daily life. It has spread or is spreading to every corner of the globe, and it’s re-shaping the way business and political leaders think about healthcare and the healthcare industry.

Indeed, it’s naive to think that everything will return to “normal” in a few months. The truth is that we’re headed toward a new normal. No one can say exactly what that will look like, but there are a few educated guesses below: 

Increased Remote Activity

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to adopt a work-from-home policy for their staff. The same may likely be the case for certain professionals in the healthcare sector. What’s more, expect to see a rise in the number of physical examinations conducted over remote channels.

There are many obvious benefits to scheduling remote video checkups as opposed to traditional ones. Not only does remote technology potentially improve safety standards in medical facilities, but it may also lower costs as well.

New Focus

The current pandemic has had a devastating effect on public health, the global economy, and the well-being of millions of people. As such, it only makes sense that many in the healthcare industry will focus their efforts on identifying the next potential pandemic and working to prevent such a cataclysmic event from happening again.

Expect more funding for organizations leading the fight against the “next” coronavirus. 

Greater Coverage

No two countries share the exact same public health model, and it’s difficult to say exactly how healthcare coverage will expand in the coming years. But it doesn’t seem much of a leap to expect a significant increase in coverage across the board.

It’s likely that many governments and private investors will support the healthcare industry in the coming years, and that increased coverage – particularly in places like the United States – is on the horizon.

Boosted Employment

There are no two ways around it: the healthcare industry needs more doctors, nurses, EMTs, administrative officials, and scientists ASAP. As such, it’s reasonable to assume that the next five-to-ten years will see a dramatic spike in the number of healthcare jobs available to the public.

Like the tech industry, healthcare will probably be one of the few major fields to see expansion as a result of the coronavirus. 


Right now, healthcare providers are working to develop a host of new products and services  – from equipment like the 1ml deep well plate, to treatments and even a possible vaccine – to combat the coronavirus and its spread.

While it may feel as if this current situation will last forever, remember that it won’t. And remember that the world will be a different place on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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