What is domain authority and why does it matter?

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What is domain authority and why does it matter_

What is domain authority and why does it matter.

In the digital world where terms, news terms are constantly being thrown around and acronyms are used with abandon, there are some phrases that sound even more important than the rest. One of these terms is the frightfully austere phrase, domain authority. It is something that often comes up in conversations about search engine optimisation and link building. But what is it exactly? How do you get it? And is it even important? If you are starting to explore the world of digital and to unpack what is important and what is just marketing, or tech speaks, then we are here to help. Here are a few things about domain authority which you may or may not have known.

What is used to measure it?
Anyone who runs or works at a digital marketing agency will tell you that domain authority is tracked according to several criteria. The three key areas and these are all measured using algorithms, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence, are the prestige of the site itself and its authors; the quality of the information contained on the site and the language used; the degree of connectedness between the site and others. If you are assessed highly in these areas, then your domain authority will be good.

How are you ranked down?
Very often people try to influence their rankings on search engine results pages using what is known as black hat tactics. While these are not illegal they are certainly frowned on by the search companies whose algorithms are specifically programmed to look out for signs of interference. Such signs would include too many links appearing too quickly and too many referrals from co-owned or related platforms. In short, the search engines, like Google and Bing, want to ensure that they refer their clients to the most relevant sites with the best user experiences and they do their best to ensure that they are not manipulated in this regard.

What if your authority is low?
It is important to remember that domain authority is the rank that your page has within its area of focus or speciality. So, if you run a blog that is focussed on a specific niche that is not very mainstream, then you will find that your overall ranking is very low, but that your ranking in the specific genre or field is high. It is very important to keep this context in mind when assessing how you rank.

Does domain authority have anything to do with making money?
This is an interesting question as it certainly can have an influence. For example, if you run a fake news site you might be able to generate a lot of traffic by running inflammatory banners and campaigns on platforms like Facebook, but the algorithms will pick up that you are running fake news and they will drop your rank accordingly. This is something that may well be picked up on by potential advertisers, even on programmatic platforms, who do not want to have their brand associated with propaganda or fake news.

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