Utopia releases a new P2P network with messenger and currency

December 17, 2019 • Company News, Features, Online & Social

After years of development and hardship, finally, you can say “Bye Bye” to the fear of being controlled on the Internet. If the presence of “someone else” watching you was real, now it won’t be anymore. Utopia, a new program, will be released soon. Its tool and program will avoid all the surveillance and censorship present on the Internet. Welcome to the future.

After six years of hard work, the Big Brother is finally defeated. Utopia allows you to surf the Internet like never before. This is possible because the engineers have created a platform that communicates utterly different from the other system.

Usually, computers communicate with each other by sharing information throughout different servers. Utopia doesn’t. Its ecosystem is based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, and it means that there is no need for a central server to store data and transmission. Your information will be completely safe because only Utopia’s users are allowed to transmit and share them.

If this innovative method intricates you, you can download the application suitable for the most popular operative systems such as Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Mobile applications will be presented in 2020. The main point of the program is that it guarantees full anonymity.

Plus, the high technology and a combination of the highly secure encryption methods like AES256 and Curve25519 preserve your data encryption is enabled by default. So, no more clicking or remembering to save and encrypt. Everything is coming more straightforward and faster.

Utopia allows default encryption on several types of data; for this reason, the application is full of specific tools. If you enjoy chatting, sometimes your messages could be seen by someone else. –uMessenger- won’t be broken by anyone. This instant messenger platform allows you to send instant messages completely safe. Are you scared that your mail is missing or is cached by mysterious people? Don’t worry, because –uMail- will help you. This tool encrypts your mail instantly, plus it avoids and denies spam mails.

If it sounds great, it isn’t over yet. There are thousands of applications, instruments, and tools that we can’t explain, but we would like to introduce you to one in particular –uWallet-. This is a complete payment system, it keeps your data and information completely safe, plus it is encrypted by default. No one will be able to see your transaction or your key. And –Idyll- a private browser, your id, and activity online will always be anonymous.

The high technology will allow, one day, to use –uWallet- also for online shopping. This exclusive payment method has a fantastic feature, Crypton. Crypton (CRP) is part of -uWallet- and it guarantees users instant and safe payment and transaction of crypto coin. Cryptocurrency is evolving every day, and it is necessary to protect your investment. This application works throughout.

This technique is possible thanks to the mining, a particular activity possible on the net. While you use Crypton, you are mining the net, and this will help application performances and security. Every transaction will be rewarded to the user every 15 minutes because of using Crypton. You are supporting Utopia and its improvement.

So, it is impossible to describe Utopia and its functions in a few words completely. You should give it a try, and you won’t regret it. Not only because of its products and tools but because it is effortless to use. The dashboard and icon are accurately designed that you don’t need any instruction to start to use it. In the meantime, you can create your network in privacy because only Utopia’s users are allowed to perform and share files.

The decentralized Utopia P2P Network will give the best experience ever. Your work will completely change with Utopia, the new fundamental tool for security and anonymity enthusiasts!

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