The End is Nigh, Windows 10 mobile bows out…


With the grace of a drunk penguin, windows 10 mobile slowly waddles off into the sunset, to remain forever unknown to a large bunch but resented by those who knew it ever existed.

We are currently in the wind-down phase of the mobile operating system (OS) that brought an alternative to the immutable smartphone UI design choice of, a homescreen with icons in rows and a main menu with…icons in rows. Microsoft’s OS for smartphones ‘Windows 10 mobile’ (w10m) was in 2017/18 put into a ‘maintenance phase’ as a prelude to its imminent shutdown. What this meant was that devices running w10m will stop receiving new features or any bells and whistles, and would get only ‘cumulative’ updates i.e. security updates and bug fixes. Monthly updates came in reliably with vague changelogs literally informing w10m device owners that “unknown fixes and improvements” were made – nobody was excited.

January 2019 spun around and Microsoft was glorious enough to release an end of support screed; essentially a manual stating how w10m will be retired, end of OS backup service, end of security updates, patches and support. It actually says at one point.

end of support means there will be no no more product or security updates for the Windows 10 mobile operating system. This is in-line with our lifecycle policy**. – Microsoft

For the sake of detail, the end of support article says that automatic device backups will end in March 2020, meaning the twelve users worldwide that truly can’t live without this feature now know the date of rapture. Also older devices like the Lumia 640 and the 640xl will lose support after June 2019 while recent models such as the Lumia 950 and 650 will have their plugs pulled on the 10th of December, 2019. In essesnce, manual updates, device resets, photo uploads and such will be safe until early 2020.

App providers like Instagram and Shazam are also ending support for their services on w10m. With HP also ditching its Elite x3 and jumping ship since 2017, Microsoft has also washed its hands and left the building with its own silver lining, so all is well that ends well…for the top brass.

In a time when market share is law along with the blessed and sainted duo that is iOS and Android, the collective reaction to the existence of w10m has been…cringe.

**the quote reads like a termination threat spewed out by AI.

…end transmission…

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