Something Seems Off

*the author in this instance can’t be bothered with maniacally linking and couching each statement with so-called ‘academic sources’ and so-called ‘verified papers of record’, the lot of them are questionable anyways, they always have been. We all possess discernment, a sense of awareness, instincts and the overt ability to cross-check whatever. Consider this a disclaimer and apply yourself accordingly.*




This is not a tech-related post; it is a psyche-related post honestly for myself and whoever cares to read this.

It seems off that there is sufficient evidence to argue for or against every single aspect of this ‘thing’ that shall not be named but next to none as far as establishing proof. That is definitely a recipe to keep people pitted against each other as they struggle to be the correct voice, meanwhile no one actually knows anything concrete, even the script-following professionals or alarmist media hence the ‘novel’ prefix…or do they?. From crowded burial sites to low-activity medical centres to hand-wringing prophets of ever-increasing mortality rates and out-of-context newspaper headlines, one must have observed that something seems off. Why is there less of a focus on the vast majority that recover without a hitch or on the fact as professed by these professionals that ‘it’ is no different from the sniffles? How have so many of us been self-recruited into gate-keeping a prescribed narrative or acting as front-line scolds of those who dare explore alternate or ignored aspects of the global/local status quo?

These prevailing structures hardly ever acted in the interest of the general collective, how and why should now be any different? Why should trust be suddenly allocated to ‘them’? Because of fear? Because of the threat of uncertainty? Because of a sudden chronic aversion to risk? But this was not the case as we went about our daily activities when things were ‘normal’ and it’s not as if things were any safer at that time. But all should now feel guilty for daring to breathe fresh air…OK. The standing bet would be that the majority who tout the seriousness of whatever this is would, if ever, only refer to a third-degree contact who made reference to another second-degree contact losing their oh-so dear loved one. If we cared any less for how our loved and ailing ones fared before now then deep introspection is what we need not side-eyeing unbelievers.  How had society at large not been religiously alerted and brought to a halt for ailments (drug-resistant TB, Cholera, Meningitis etc) that claim the lives of millions annually…were they not important enough? Did their loved ones not also wail on TV and over the radio for help? But the decision has been made to cripple economies because v*r*s. Nothing done or said about the thousands of children trafficked across and/or out of the country to slave/baby factories but condescending cutesy celebrity-endorsed guilt-tripping media posts about what they were TOLD are now gospel…something seems off.

The tangible realities likely experienced by most as a result of these LkDn measures range from lost livelihoods to cognitive dissonance to hostile run-ins with enforcers of said measures and more. Questioning any of these talking points will bring the wrath of the brow beaters who can barely see you from their high horses. Many are unable to coherently defend the logic behind the coverings that are now in fashion -literally- but will refuse to admit that repeated admonishment from ‘above’ alone is the reason for adhering in the first place…something seems off. As if that isn’t enough, there are incoming software patches to the main smartphones OSs’ (the robot and fruit named companies) that will assist in alerting owners whether they have been physically close to or contacted someone that has/had that nasty thing that put the world on pause. Don’t bother with how distance between devices are logged real-time or what arbitrary info is required for SKYNET to decide whether or not you are walking dead, just play your part, install the updates and be glad you can now personally trace those contacts… something IS off.

I guess this was a tech-related post after all.

“question everything, come to your own conclusions, stay vigilant” – stolen from the interwebs 🙂


….end transmission….

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