Proflight steps up Dash 8 aircraft training

July 14, 2019 • Online & Social, Southern Africa

Trained Proflight cabin crew with the airline's new Dash 8 aircraft.

Trained Proflight cabin crew with the airline’s new Dash 8 aircraft.

Proflight Zambia is an airline company started in 1991. The airline provides domestic flights from Lusaka, Zambia, to Mfuwe, Livingstone, Solwezi and Ndola, all in Zambia. The company also provides regional flights to Lilongwe in Malawi and Durban in South Africa. 6 Proflight employees recently completed training on the airline company’s new Dash 8 aircraft as part of the company’s strategy to building and improving local expertise in the sector.

The employees who completed the training are cabin crew Kenneth Zozi, Happy Simasiku, Chisambo Makano, Lisa Mwanakatwe, Chisomo Mwenda and Mwaka Favard. These cabin crew members are now up to date on the requirements for the new Proflight Dash 8 Q300 aircraft. These 6 employees will join 15 others who have undergone their own training for the Dash 9 aircraft, as well as training on emergency equipment and safety procedures. The employees were trained in-house by Proflight and Civil Aviation Authority (ZCAA) approved instructor Audrey Sichula.

“Proflight is dedicated to improving the skills of all our staff and ensuring they keep up-to-date with [the] latest developments in the industry. We have a team of highly skilled people working to keep the airline running efficiently, reliably and safely,” said Barbara Namwila, Proflight Sales and Marketing Manager. Proflight has been working with the ZCAA and aircraft manufacturer Bombardier of Canada in order to complete these training programs on the Dash 8 as well as prepare for the plane’s entry on the Zambian register.

As a result of the training, the Proflight staff has gained theoretical and practical skills in the structures, systems, maintenance, operations, repair and diagnosis of the Dash 8 aircraft. Aircraft type training is operated in accordance with regulator-approved flight operation standards and maintenance. This is done in order to properly and safely carry out the vital tasks as well as ensure that the aircraft is operated according to the required standards and operating limits.

The Dash 8 is a new aircraft in Zambia, and as a result of this Proflight needs to ensure both the staff and the company as a whole understands everything about the aircraft. Proflight currently employs over 200 employees and aim to improve the airline industry with the addition of professional personnel and new aircraft.

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