New iPhone 9 Release Date Possibly Leaked

Sourced from Computerworld

Tech Analyst Jon Prosser claims that Apple is preparing the iPhone 9 for an April release, this is per an internal meeting that was held yesterday.

Prosser claims that the new smartphone is set for announcement on 15 April and release and shipment on 22 April, but that these dates are tentative as of yet.

There are also reports that the iPhone 9 might be announced a day earlier – on 14 April – because Apple wants to compete with the launch of OnePlus’ new OnePlus 8 smartphone – which is set to be announced at an online event on 14 April.

“OnePlus is scheduled to give us the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro on April 14, and this wouldn’t be the first time that Apple has done this – Apple has stolen OnePlus’s thunder before,” says Prosser.

The iPhone 9 is expected to be a more affordable alternative to Apple’s iPhone 11 range of devices, and above. Various leaks have suggested that the device will launch with 3 – 4GB of RAM and contain a camera that offers performance close to that of the iPhone 11.

The iPhone is expected to retail at $399.

“Keep in mind: we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and things could change,” enforces Prosser.

iPhone 12 Launch Possibly Delayed

Apple is reportedly considering delaying the launch of its first 5G device, the iPhone 12, because of complications due to the coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world since February.

The release, originally scheduled for September, could be moved back into late 2021.

“Apple is concerned that the current situation would significantly lower consumer appetite to upgrade their phones, which could lead to a tame reception of the first 5G iPhone,” a source told Nikkei – A Japanese stock market index review.

“Apple will make a final decision around May at the latest, given the fluid situation globally,” says another source.

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