New AIMS technology will give South African crime investigators an edge

March 20, 2019 • Online & Social, Southern Africa

New AIMS technology will give South African crime investigators an edge

New AIMS technology will give South African crime investigators an edge.

Analytical Forensic Investigation Services, a forensic investigation company and Mshtarii Investments, a software development house have developed a case management solution that keeps case information and intelligence in one place.

Analytical Investigation Management Systems (AIMS) is a fully-integrated investigation case management system created for investigators, intelligence officers and evidence.

Peter Bishop, a consultant in security risk management, forensic audit and investigations and chief executive officer of South African AIMS, said, “Electronic and cloud-based, AIMS is a fully-integrated investigation case management system of secure investigative management software, with modular web-based solutions, incorporating big data analytics. Created for investigators, intelligence officers and evidence leaders effective both in the “field” or in an office environment, the AIMS platform, gives investigators “an edge they never had before.”

During the development phase, AIMS worked closely with a number of experienced specialists within global and local law enforcement and intelligence establishments, that are at the forefront of crime intelligence, data analytics, profiling and investigations, who are confident that the software adheres to international standards and global best practices for investigative case management.

“AIMS is a tailor-made solution that allows administrators to set up and define specific workflows and checklists for different types of incidents and cases. The solution facilitates structuring, visualising, analysing and managing data on all functional and managerial levels. It’s designed as a closed loop incident and case management solution that tracks and manages the process flow from the time a case is submitted, all the way through to resolution, keeping all stakeholders up to date along the way,” said Bishop.

“As crime statistics continue to rise, AIMS provides the digital power to ensure the crimes that are reported, are accounted for and investigations don’t fall through the cracks,” he adds.

Benefits of the AIMS system include:
• Paperless & cloud-based
• Available in both the SaaS licensing and enterprise models and accessible from any device (PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile etc.)
• Online document storage of all evidence in all formats (statements, affidavits, pictures, video, voice recordings etc)
• Geo-location and map of all cases
• People of interest
• Shared calendar and tasking etc.
• 24-hour access by authorised personnel

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