NDPR, NITDA, Data Protection…and then?



It was awake all the while

Alright, in a previous article, the Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) seemed to be adopting whole cloth the blueprint tailored to a separate social ‘situation’, the effects of which are still being realized.

Since then, there seems to be some momentum in an/all direction(s), scales have been shaken off eyes and the agency is taking its tools for some kind of test-run. The Daily Trust reported back in June that NITDA has donned its hero costume and was looking into a couple of organizations including banks and telecom companies that were probably being dodgy with customer data i.e. transacting with 3rd parties for targeted sales and such (without explicit/proper consent of course). Weirdly, the article also mentioned that our very own beloved immigration outfit, the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), was also being side-eyed by NITDA for allegedly violating aspects of the NDPR.

The management of NITDA would like to bring to the notice of the general public of on-going investigation of alleged breach of the data privacy of Nigerians by some data controllers. – Dr Pantami

What happens next in this context is unknown as this is akin to seeing the dusty cobweb in the corner then drawing attention to the fact that you have seen it…okay, now what?


Truecaller called out

Truecaller was recently pinched by the NITDA because its caller identification service was not in compliance with not only global data protection practices (GDPR anyone?) but the NDPR as well. It is unlikely that people will actually care enough to heed NITDA’s advice and send out requests asking for their data privacy status. The perceived convenience of the application far outweighs any concerns about personal information.

Furthermore, by installing the application, tacit consent has been given to Truecaller, seeing  that access to personal contact details is essentially how the app is able to correlate and identify spam numbers and unknown callers. There is most likely some arcane phrasing in Truecaller’s privacy policy describing contexts for consent. The agency definitely has its work cut out for it. As stated earlier, effects are still being realized.

resource:- Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency **20 page pdf for the dry afternoon read


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