MTN and Competition Commission Finally Agree on Reduced Data Prices

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MTN South Africa announced that it has officially finalised an agreement with the Competition Commission on a wide array of price adjustments – implemented 15 April.

This agreement follows the Commission’s Data Service Market Inquiry in December 2019 and subsequent negotiations between the Commission and industry.

“We are pleased to have reached this agreement with the Competition Commission as it is a further social commitment that MTN will continue to advance the significant measures already implemented over the past number of years, to drive financial inclusion and reduce data prices,” says CEO of MTN South Africa, Godfrey Motsa.

MTN’s undertakings with the Competition Commission cover the following:

  • Price reductions:
    • All of MTN’s sub-1GB 30-day data bundles (from R10 – R149) will be reduced by up to 50%.
  • Free data:
    • A daily free 20MB allocation of data to all MTN customers to send pictures, messages, video and to browse the Internet, using the Ayoba app.
  • Free access to public benefit websites:
    • The introduction of MTN OpenTime – free access to education, health and employment websites – of up to 500 unique sites that will be accessible without data charges.
  • Tracking personal data usage and data spend:
    • Enhanced data usage and tariff information for all customers, to track usage and to inform customers of their data spending habits.

MTN’s price reductions as from 15 April 2020:

The very popular monthly sub-1Gigabyte category sees significant price reductions implemented on 15 April, while the monthly 20MB and 50MB bundles double in volume – from 20MB to 40MB and from 50MB to 100MB – without any change in price. Prices stay at R10 and R20 respectively, but for double the data.

Users of the popular 1GB bundle will enjoy a 34% price reduction, from R149 to just R99, while 1.5GB users can now stay in touch for R149, a drop of 21%. Users in the larger 50GB and 100GB ranges will also see significant savings with prices dipping 25% and 29% respectively.

The new prices and volumes are detailed below:

Bundle Description Current Volume (MB) Current Rate New Volume New Rate
Monthly – 20MB 20 R10 40 R10
Monthly – 50MB 50 R20 100 R20
Monthly – 100MB 100 R29 150 R29
Monthly – 150MB 150 R39 200 R39
Monthly – 300MB 300 R60 350 R60
Monthly – 500MB N/A N/A 500 R75
Monthly – 600MB 600 R99 N/A N/A
Monthly – 750MB 750 R120 750 R89
Monthly – 1GB 1024 R149 1024 R99
Monthly – 1.5GB 1524 R189 1536 R149
Monthly – 2GB N/A N/A 2048 R189
Monthly – 3GB 3072 R299 3072 R229
Monthly – 6GB 6144 R399 6144 R399
Monthly – 10GB 10240 R499 10240 R469
Monthly – 20GB 20480 R899 20480 R699
Monthly – 30GB 30720 R1 249 30720 R999
Monthly – 50GB 51200 R1 999 51200 R1 499
Monthly – 100GB 102400 R3 499 102400 R2 499

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