Instagram is Redesigning IGTV App with Creators in Mind

Sourced from The Verge

Instagram is updating its IGTV app in the hopes of getting more people to use the service and promote creators making long-form videos, reports The Verge.

The company is completely redesigning the homepage to feature a creator right at the top of the page, tailored to each user based on who they follow and whose content the app thinks might be interesting to them. Furthermore, the app is receiving a Discover tab similar to Instagram’s to surface new and relevant IGTV content as well as a hands-free recording mode.

The addition to the Discover tab could be the redesign’s most important new feature – currently, the app only displays videos from people users are following, as well as “popular videos”. A Discover tab could actually encourage users to keep returning to the app.

The social media giant is also releasing a small, but perceived impactful update to the Instagram app proper. With the update, users will be able to feature their IGTV content on their stories, and instead of a freeze-frame – 15 seconds of the IGTV content will play.

Instagram could be hoping that this could influence users to click through and watch the full video, giving the creators more views.

It could be that these updates are the ticket to make the app more appealing, at least as for creating videos and finding new content. It is, however, unclear how many users are currently accessing IGTV through the Instagram app itself and how many are using the actual IGTV app.

The company has declined to offer up use numbers, however, The Verge notes that while the Instagram app has over 10-million reviews on Android and iOS app stores, the IGTV app has slightly over 1,000 reviews on App Store and 25,000 on Google Play.

Instagram could be thinking that users are struggling to find videos on their apps, and this could be contributing to the lower view counts on the platform. The company has been allowing users to post their IGTV videos on their grids, and thus into their followers’ feeds just for this reason.

“The Future of Videos” is what Instagram is touting its IGTV platform, so ensuring people can actually find content to watch, as well as creators they like that’ll keep them coming back, is essential to making it this true.

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