Facebook Reveals Dark Mode with New Desktop Redesign

Sourced from The New York Times

Social network mainstay, Facebook officially rolled out its new modernised redesigned desktop yesterday. The new redesign offers a tabbed home screen, a cleaner view of the profile page, and a new dark mode, reports Tech Crunch.

Facebook tells Tech Crunch that as of yesterday “…the majority of people on Facebook will have access to the new desktop design.” The design itself was first announced at last year’s F8 conference and can be opted for or returned to the usual design by users. However, the design will eventually become the default for all Facebook users later this year.

Facebook Redesigned

Public rollouts of the new version of the desktop sites began being tested initially in October, and after months of positive feedback, Facebook finally decided to for a full rollout.

The social media pioneer also recently released a new redesign for its Messenger platform, removing its ‘Discover’ tab which will demote the visibility of businesses and chatbots.

For the last two years, the company has been planning and promising to simplify its apps after a decade of visual complexity that no longer suits a world filled with its streamlined contemporaries.

As for the desktop redesign itself, the more streamlined navigation is a welcome change – tabs for Groups, Marketplace, Watch and More now rest atop the home screen.

The home page’s larger fonts and more sensible layout are a lot easier on the eyes than the classic version.

Dark Mode

Sourced from Tech Crunch

The most notable feature of Facebook’s new design is the dark mode. The new mode is designed to minimize screen glare while maintaining contrast to spare your eyes from too much brightness when in a dull-lit room.


To activate the Facebook resign, simply go to the Settings menu of the website, then click “See New Facebook”. To disable the redesign, users return to Setting and hit “Switch to Classic Facebook”.

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