ExecuJet adds PC-24 to Africa fleet

July 22, 2019 • General, Southern Africa

ExecuJet expands its fleet of aircraft with the PC-24.

ExecuJet expands its fleet of aircraft with the PC-24.

ExecuJet is expanding its Super Versatile Jet capabilities across Africa with the addition of a second Pilatus PC-24 to its managed fleet. ExecuJet is the first aviation company to manage and operate the PC-24 in Africa in 2018. The two new additions will be based at ExecuJet’s FBO at Cape Town International Airport in South Africa.

“The off-road capabilities of the world’s first Super Versatile Jet, the Pilatus PC-24, make it the perfect aircraft for exploring Africa. [The jet’s] outstanding short and rough-field performance gives it the ability to land almost anywhere; it will be invaluable in supporting the varied and expansive missions of ExecuJet’s new Safari & Tours division,” said Gavin Kiggen, Vice President Africa, ExecuJet. “Already, the aircraft has been proving very popular amongst ExecuJet customers, and so we are delighted to have the additional support of a second PC-24, extending its unique capabilities to even more of our clients in the region,” Kiggen continued.

ExecuJet claims that the PC-24’s interior combines functionality and comfort with features specially designed to improve the passenger experience. These features include soft leather finishes, are hardwood cabinetry, and the latest in-flight entertainment and connectivity, according to ExecuJet. The cabin of the new jet can seat 11 passengers, and the continuous flat floor provides spacious headroom. The PC-24, claims ExecuJet, is able to reach Malawi, Zambia, Angola and Mozambique from ExecuJet’s FBO in Cape Town.

ExecuJet is part of the Luxaviation Group which is said to be one of the largest aircraft operators across the globe. Luxaviation currently operates across the Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and the Caribbean. The aircraft company operates over 260 helicopters and jets under strict safety standards. Luxaviation currently employs over 1,400 employers across the world.

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