Crypto marketing tips from a Blockchain PR Agency

May 17, 2019 • General

Crypto marketing tips from a Blockchain PR Agency

Cryptocurrency projects offer special marketing concerns. Get some helpful advice from a blockchain PR agency.

Marketing a cryptocurrency project in 2019 offers some unique challenges. Businesses have to contend with a customer base wary of scams and the volatile crypto market. So how can you ease concerns and win over the market? A top blockchain PR agency shares some of their best tips.

1. Make a strong case for your use of blockchain
Back in 2017, people were going so crazy for cryptocurrency that anything with a whiff of the blockchain around it was a magnet for money. Who can forget when Long Island Iced Tea changed their name to Long Blockchain Corp? But after exit scams, exchange hacks, and the meteoric rise and fall of bitcoin’s price, today’s investor is a little more circumspect. Win over their confidence by offering a clear explanation for how your project is able to improve over existing solutions through blockchain implementation.

2. Community engagement is key
Today’s consumer expects to be able to engage with brands online, and nowhere is that more apparent than the crypto economy. Investors in your ICO/STO/IEO or early adopters of your cryptocurrency, are going to want their questions to be answered promptly, no matter what time of day they ask. It’s important to have a team of friendly, knowledgeable social media moderators available 24/7. It’s also incredibly beneficial to get your founders, C-Level execs, and developers to have regular communication with the community, whether it’s via dropping by the Telegram chat or hosting a scheduled AMA (Ask Me Anything) on your subreddit.

3. Always strive for transparency
Cryptocurrency investors are always on the lookout for a scam. One way to maintain trust is to remain transparent about what is going on behind the scenes. Be proactive about sharing any bumps you’ve encountered on your roadmap, rather than making excuses after something gets delayed. Share your thought process and invite community feedback to show people how much you value their opinions.

4. Don’t discount the value of good PR!
All of the good ideas, community engagement, and transparency in the world won’t do you any good if no one knows about your project. Engage the services of an experienced blockchain PR agency to help you get the word out. You want to work with a specialized agency, one who can submit your press releases to crypto and tech-focused publications, who can arrange for interviews on crypto YouTube channels and podcasts, and who can advise you on which blockchain industry events to attend and which to avoid.

In Hollywood, the old adage went “Any press is good press”, but that’s no longer true. Today people have so much information and entertainment at their fingertips. You have to be able to position yourself to be where your audience is. That means focusing your public relations efforts on channels where potential ICO/STO/IEO investors can be found.

Of course, these four tips are just the beginning. There’s more to a successful marketing campaign than can be covered in a short article — but this should get you pointed in the right direction.

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