AOC launches new range of USB Monitors in the Middle East

July 15, 2019 • Gadgets and Gaming

The E1659FWU is one of the three new monitors being released in the Middle East by AOC.

The E1659FWU is one of the three new monitors being released in the Middle East by AOC.

AOC, a multinational technology company, announced three new models of the AOC 16″ class USB Monitors in the Middle East. The 15.6″ plug and play models I1601FWUX, I1659FWUX and E1659FWU are built with ultra-slim IPS panels for enhanced portability. The lightweight and ultra-slim USB monitors receive both signal and power from a single USB cable. The monitors are simply plugged into a USB port on a computer for easy use. The monitors are compatible with Macs and PCs.

IPS Panel

The new monitors are equipped with advanced IPS technology that is said to provide vibrant, consistent colours as well as wide viewing angles.

Portable and easy to carry

The monitors are designed with portability in mind, with AOC saying that this feature “allows users to enjoy crisp and refined visuals anytime they want.”

Auto Pivot

Users will be able to auto pivot the screen while they switch from portrait to landscape mode. Users will be required to install AOC iMenu in order to access the Auto Pivot feature.

FHD High Resolution

Users will, according to AOC, be able to view full HD images and videos (including Blu-ray videos) with maximum clarity and detail. The I1601FWUX and I1659FWUX models will come with 1920 x 1080 @60Hz resolution, and the E1659FWU will come with 1366 x 768 @60Hz resolution.

The effectiveness of response time

Pixel response times for the monitors are 5 ms GTG for the I1601FWUX model; 25ms for the I1659FWUX model; and 8ms for the E1659FWU model. AOC says that the monitors will provide speed without the smear for an enhanced gaming experience. AOC claims that fast-moving action and dramatic transitions will be rendered smoothly without ghosting effects.

Low Blue Light

The monitors will come with Low Blue Light that is said to reduce harmful blue light.

“As the world’s leading brand of monitors, AOC continues to lead innovation in display technologies to deliver the finest range of USB Monitors focused on enhancing productivity and performance of desk-centric users simply with plug and play options, which provides the best quality, portability and user experience to satisfy the needs of our customers,” said Carol Anne Dias, Regional Sales Director-Middle East & Africa at AOC.

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