All You Need to Know About Legal Document Automation

January 8, 2020 • Sponsored

Legal teams enhance their contracting procedures with the help of incorporating document management systems in their business. These systems offer a lot of advantages to the law business. These tools simplify dealing with commercial contracts and enhance productivity in the business. 

What is document automation?

Document automation, also called contract automation, is a useful technology that makes the drafting stage simpler. This technology mainly works by asking questions and to answer those queries, the system provides a contract that is based on the answers. Questions can be answered using chatbots or in the browser with the help of a form.  

What is the need for document automation?

Templafy is a platform designed for law firms. It provides a unified legal document assembly that improves the efficiency of the document creation workflow. With this platform, international law companies connect as well as manage the creation of document workflow. The platform integrates the existing document management system, enable lawyers, as well as assist staff to form better practice document instantly. This customized software for document template creation works offline, and online to provide the maximum level of business productivity. 

Here are a few more convincing reasons to use “document automation systems”:


Speed is one of the most important benefits for a legal firm to use a document automation system. There is a lot of business advantage to increase the speed of entering into business contracts. Quicker sales contracts enhance cash flow in the business. 

Rapid procurement contracts enhance business agility. It helps to spend less time on contract creation that frees you from delivering more. By focusing on complicated tasks, it makes the job a lot interesting. 

Create a contract with the help of a document automation tool in just a few minutes. You can even form a set of related documents, on the basis of the same answers. Document automation software can be used with the right type of contracts that enables the business to form a contract without requiring referring to authorization.

Risk management

Mistakes in document handling are bound to happen when a business does it manually without using any automated software. These mistakes are solved when automation software is used. 

This software removes opportunities for errors and also ensures that the key issues get addressed in each contract, in place of depending on the user to remember it and remove it. 

Better contracts

Another benefit of using a document management system is a generation of better contracts. With the help of a document automation system, a business ensures that any issues in the contract are considered each and every time the contract gets formed. 

It is addressed in the business agreement only when it is appropriate. The outcome is short sized documents that are quick to negotiate as these documents deal with the major deal-based issues in the business.

Iterative improvements

Another benefit of this software is iterative enhancements in the law business. When legal teams form or revise their templates, then they have to go through a cumbersome procedure of drafting, obtaining feedback, and managing the internal stakeholders in the business. The entire process can take up to 6 months.  

Document automation enables one to make sure that users always go to the right location to create the contracts. This implies that you update the document template as you recognize improvements that come out of changes in the needs and products of the business, or negotiations.


Documents are heavily used in the legal business. To manage them effectively, you need automation software. These are all the benefits that your law business can get by implementing a document automation system. 

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