Al Maghribia expands its African reach with Arabsat-5C

June 30, 2019 • Enterprise IT, North Africa, Online & Social

Al Maghribia bouquet launches on Arabsat-5C

Al Maghribia bouquet launches on Arabsat-5C

Al Maghribia is one of the many channels belonging to the Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision (SNRT) bouquet. This collection of channels runs with 100 per cent Moroccan video programming and production. The content is entirely Moroccan and is available in French, Amazigh and Arabic. Al Maghribia produces its content for the Moroccan population that lives outside of Morocco in the hopes of delivering authentic Moroccan content to their fellow Moroccans.

The SNRT recently announced that Al Maghribia will be carried on the Arabsat-5C satellite, which is located at 20° East. This partnership is said to increase Al Maghribia’s viewership and overall reach over Africa, as the Arabsat-5C satellite delivers numerous Arabic channels to a Free-To-Air audience. The SNRT currently has a strong relationship with Arabsat.

“The launch of Al Maghribia on Arabsat-5C comes as part of our core mission to connect Arabic societies across the world; we provide African, Arab and Islamic communities with the largest possible choice of Free-To-Air TV channels in Africa,” said Khalid Balkheyour, President and CEO of Arabsat. “Furthermore, the broadcasting of Al Maghribia via Arabsat-5C highlights the continued successful Arabsat and SNRT partnership. This is expanding across additional territories beyond MENA, helping grow the reach of the existing Direct-to-Home portfolio of channels active on Arabsat-5C, and supporting the addition of more leading channels on Arabsat-5C in the very near future,” Balkheyour added.

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