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Here’s What I Do


Original graphic design for logos, wallpapers and brands as well as advertisement.


Publishing articles and research papers about technology with a focus on privacy.

Web Design

Responsive mobile design using up-to-date web technologies like WordPress and BootStrap.

Here’s What’s Up


To Trace or not To Trace, These are the Options

….transmitting….   So, what’s this new term we are meant to take note of? … What is this ‘contact tracing’? The medics and professional bio-magicians are conversant with the word. […]

Something Seems Off

*the author in this instance can’t be bothered with maniacally linking and couching each statement with so-called ‘academic sources’ and so-called ‘verified papers of record’, the lot of them are […]

Data Security, Digital Literacy and then some…

….transmitting….   Alright, so to begin, this is not some trailer of the just published article. I will go through the essentials and cover the findings of the piece, ending […]

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