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Original graphic design for logos, wallpapers and brands as well as advertisement.


Publishing articles and research papers about international affairs and technology with a…

Web Design

Responsive mobile design using up-to-date web technologies like WordPress and BootStrap.

Here’s What’s Up

The Legacy of South-South Cooperation – Soul Searching For the Global South

Historically, the global south has officially and unofficially provided majority of resources and materials that have been used to develop and sustain the economies of the industrialised global north. The […]

Are The People Finally Speaking

As Mali takes a turn down a familiar and unpopular route in African history, the elements leading to the current condition warrant more than lukewarm observations. Mali as a West […]

Sudan and Mali: geopolitical wildcards upsetting the apple cart

Sudan speaks its mind The very busy US Secretary of State has made his way from Tel-Aviv, Israel to Khartoum, Sudan for a meeting touted by the media as one […]

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