Here’s What I Do


Original graphic design for logos, wallpapers and brands as well as advertisement.


Publishing articles and research papers about international affairs and technology.

Web Design

Responsive mobile design using web technologies like WordPress and BootStrap.

Here’s What’s Up

What’s Up With This…Bank?

**pull through this read all ye future leaders, get in touch with structures and institutions that greatly influence the waking realities of millions, that way…the process of breaking through installed […]

An Overview of the Ongoing Debt Crisis and Lessons Learnt

The concept of a debt crisis revolves around the condition where a government is unable to pay back operational debt. Furthermore, in a situation where a government’s expenditures exceed its […]

Capital Flight – The ignored stake in Africa’s heart…

Generally, capital flight is considered unrecorded and rapid outflow of assets and money from a country, or economic region as a result of intended, or unintended economic consequences. Capital flight […]

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