Here’s What I Do

WordPress Design

custom WordPress designs with secure plugins and mobile-ready layouts.

Web Development

Responsive mobile design using up-to-date web technologies like PHP7 and BootStrap 4.

Graphic Illustration

Original logo and wallpaper design and brand creations, as well as advertisement…

Here’s What’s Up

Apple, Amazon…these were mistakes, right?…right?!

….transmitting….   Apple, what did you do? “Alright, keep moving, keep buying, nothing to see here”… is what Apple would have been saying before it patched an iMessage bug that […]

Better late than never…

….transmitting….   Alright, the online privacy conversation has gone on long enough and it seems one or two things are moving forward in this respect. Techpoint reported in March that […]

Online privacy still means just that…right? No.

….transmitting….   It is common knowledge that privacy, more specifically digital privacy is withering away. What does not seem common is an awareness of the situation by the wider section […]

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