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Original graphic design for logos, wallpapers and brands as well as advertisement.


Publishing articles and research papers about international affairs and technology.

Web Design

Responsive mobile design using web technologies like WordPress and BootStrap.

Here’s What’s Up

Technology and Geopolitics

As a primer, the term ‘geopolitics’ is generally understood as the interaction between political power and a geographical setting with global or regional relations as context. Technology within this text […]

Africa and the Great-Power Conflict: Exploring China-Africa Relations Therein

Introduction The increased involvement -direct and indirect- of China in Africa is seen as one of the more significant developments on the continent, especially over the recent decade. The relations […]

Two Fighting…How Does This Concern Us?

Contextual Preamble As is common knowledge, the Euro-Maidan coup of 2014 in Ukraine was a prime flashpoint for the current military engagement between Russia and Ukraine, the recent military incursion […]

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