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Here’s What I Do

WordPress Design

custom WordPress designs with secure plugins and mobile-ready layouts.

Web Development

Responsive mobile design using up-to-date web technologies like PHP7 and BootStrap 4.

Graphic Illustration

Original logo and wallpaper design and brand creations, as well as advertisement…

Here’s What’s Up

Smartphones and Laptops – safeguards for the casual user

….transmitting….   Browsers, history and the like Smartphones, laptops and their ilk undoubtedly have their place here and now. In our personal, work and play environments, internet connected devices are […]

NDPR, NITDA, Data Protection…and then?

….transmitting….   It was awake all the while Alright, in a previous article, the Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) seemed to be adopting whole cloth the blueprint tailored to […]


Build a password generator with Python

….transmitting…. Definitely, there’s the opinion that the name of a programming language has an influence on whether a rookie chooses it or not as a start point. Python has that […]

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